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There are only several mods for iRacing. Mostly dashboards... Scroll below to see them and don't forget to visit source and creator links to get more info.

V8 Supercar Mustang Dash Display
Download and unzip file, double click and open it into simhub.

V8 Supercar Mustang Dashboard 2021-09-27

This dashbaord contains:
- Idle Screen
- Race 1 Screen (Temps from the car)
- Race 2 Screen (Fuel usage Information)
- Qualy screen
- Pit Speed Limiter in all screens (changes between green and red background depending if you are above or below the pitspeedlimit)

Porsche 911 Gt3 Cup (992) iRacing Dashboard v 2.0

Universal dashboard for iRacing

Dahl Design Dashboard/Properties/LEDcontroller 1.0

SimHub - Modern GT Dashboard v1.2

1- Idle: Hour and minutes
2- GT3 info dashboard ( Incidents, Fuel, Laps to go, etc..)
3- Nascar related info dashboard ( Tire wear, Tires left, Incidents, Water temperature, etc...)
4- Indycar info dashboard
5- F1 info dashboard ( MGK-U, etc..)
6- Pitbox info ( Tyre change active, Fuel to add, available set tires, etc...)

Vocore 5" Dashboards 1.0

This set of iRacing button box icons for your Elgato Stream Deck evokes the IRL cockpit button boxes found in prototype and GT race cars. 

iRacing Stream Deck button box 1.1

Mercedes AMG GT3 2020 Dashboard V4

Romainrob's all SimHub creations and plugins

A dash for SimHub that will be very useful when you are driving in either Assetto Corsa, Raceroom Racing Experience, Project CARS or rFactor.
This dash includes information regarding fuel information, position, lap times, tires, etc.

iRacing Extra Properties plugin is required

PS Dashboard for SimHub 2.5

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