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Modbase Tyre Pack

1- Choose which tyres you want to use.
2- Choose which car you want to use the tyres on.
Copy files in that folder to:
.../content/cars/YOUR CAR/skins/SKIN

All tyres will work best with these cars:
Set 1-Evora GX, Evora GTC
Set 2-MOD- Gallardo GT3, CORVETTE C7R, 599XXEVO, MOD- F430 GT3
Set 3-MOD- R8 LMS (r8_lhm)
Set 4-MP4 12C GT3, 458 GT2, McLaren F1 GTR, 235i Racing, Nissan GTR GT3, MOD- 997GT3RSR
Set 5-SLS GT3
Set 6-Z4 GT3, M3 GT2

PS: Green GT Bonus Tyre is only for Set 4 .

You can use these tyres on any of the official or modded cars if you find the correct tyre file match for the cars. 

modbase tyre pack

OPMP Tyre Pack for URD EGT & C6R

Michelin, Yokohama, Falken.


It's probably the best tire pack around. Get it, you won't regret.