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Telemetry Tool for PC2 12.1

This is the tool to make you drive faster regardless of your driving level.

The tool can be used both offline and real-time to analyze telemetry data, car behaviour and race history.

Key features:


  • Compare your own laps (speed, controls, forces, line driven etc) in graphs or visually

  • Compare many laps at the same time

  • In real-time map see position of other cars + the pit window (i.e. where you will land after successful pitstop)

  • Extensive data for race, fuel use averages (also per fuel mix mode), how long the tyres will last etc.

  • Very accurate time DELTA to other cars

  • Race history, which you can also save for later viewing

Project CARS 2: Class Restructuring & Adjustment Patch 1.0

This is a small but essential QoL mod I've created for offline racing in pCars 2.

The car classes in pCars 2 by default are a bit game-ified, designed to artificially inflate variety in each class at the expense of realism. You'll see Ford F-150's share the track with tiny Ford Escorts, low-downforce prototypes appear at tracks outside of Le Mans, and IMSA GTP cars destroy earlier-spec prototypes from that era.

This mod provides a more authentic set of car classes that satisfies my particular brand of OCD, and probably yours too.